Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spencers birth

Here is the story of Spencers birth!!!  I am so excited to finally have this little perfect baby boy in my arms.  He was 1 week late and my doctor decided to induce me! alex and I went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon at 4:00p.m. to get things started!!!  I wasn't having any contractions, so they put a balloon inside and blew it up to make my uterus contract.  I ate dinner, which was so yummy.  I had chicken parmeasean with pasta.  Alex went and got pizza!!  We watched the bachelorette to help time go by faster, I then got a sleeping pill, and slept until 5:30 the next morning.  I then was so anxious, so I curled my hair and did my make-up, little did I know I would be in bed ALL day long!  I went back to Labor and Delivery room and then the started the pitocin.  I started to have light contractions and I didnt want any part of that, so I got the epidural, right away.  I rested up the rest of the day, Ilene came to visit, so nice of her.  Before I got the epidural, she and Alex could see my contractions on the monitor, so they helped me through them!  Anyways I got to drink alot of water and had ice chips and flavored ice.  Finally the doctor came in at 4:15 and checked me.  I was fully dilated and ready to push!  She said we would start pushing in 15 minutes.  I quickly touched up my make up and curled my hair nice! then i pushedfor an hour and you were out.  They  placed you on me and then daddy got teary eyed!!!  you were the most precious perfect baby I had ever seen.  the nurses took you away for a bit to clean you and put some clothes on you!!  Then you came back to me and we started breastfeeding!!  You were so hungry, and got the hang of it right away!  They took him to the nursery for the rest of the night because I was so tired and needed some time to recpver before they would let me go back to the postpardom rooms!     We were in the hospital for 3 days, they took such great care of both baby and I.  We got to spend alot of time together.  I am so happy to have this baby.  

Saturday, December 31, 2011

It has been way too long since I have written some things down and ALOT has happened!!! One of the first things that happened back in September was that we found out we were EXPECTING!!! I couldn't have been more thrilled when I took 6 pregnancy text and they read positive. I would get so excited to see a plus, or two lines and I would still question it, so I would take another test the next day, until I ran out of tests. I like to make special occasions a BIG DEAL, so my next thing I thought about was, how do I tell Alex??? I then thought of a cute idea, I went to the store and bought some baby things, then came home and had them arranged neatly on the bed, I bought a cute card to announce he was going to be a daddy!!! He had school that evening, so I sent him a text and told him he had a surprise waiting for him when he got home. Well as what seemed to be forever he finally got home and I was in our bedroom with the video camera and yelled back for him to come to the bedroom. As he walked in, I can't explain the look on his face, the video says it all! He was so happy and surprised, it turned out to be a great idea!!! Then a few weeks later came and it wasn't enjoyable. I was really sick, it seems as if all of the pregnancy symptoms hit me all at once and kept me down!! I am so glad that Alex was able to take care of himself and the house while I wasn't able to do anything without getting sick. Anyways, we had a doctor appointment and heard the heartbeat, it was the sweetest sound!!! Then later on we had an ultrasound and saw the baby, It was amazing. It was so active with kicking and moving hands and even tumbling!!!! I loved it! Now we are really looking forward to January 12, when we find out the gender of the baby!!!
We had the fun Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities, and ten left for our cruise the day after Thanksgiving. It was so much fun!!! I ate more than I could've ever imagined. The restaurants and dining rooms were so nice!!! We went to shows every night, game shows were really fun as well, we had plenty of laughs. We were the family picked to be on Family Feud, and we won the game!!! Alex was picked out of the crowd to be on stage. ( He is not the guy that will wave his hands in the air to get picked to be on stage, but he was a good sport as they made him do silly things that embarrassed him, and he was remember by everyone the rest of the cruise.) We played the game "The Quest" the guy had asked for a man from the group to come and do his best "Worm dance move" well once again, Alex was called back up as he got voted as the best worm from the 80's. The host of the game was trying to kindly say, that was the WORST worm I have ever seen!!! They made him do it in front of everyone and he was soo embarrassed, again!!! We stopped at Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay, and Nassau. In Great Stirrup Cay we swam in the ocean, Alex played Volleyball, and we just relaxed on the beach. Then in Nassau we rented a scooter and toured the island, it was so neat to see how other people live! We loved going to our room each night to see what little animal our cleaning man made for us! I personally loved the nacho buffet, and made sure I got to it everyday as Alex swam, and I sat by the poolside to munch on my Nachos! Alex loved the unlimited Ice Cream cones that were available at any given time! We had the time of our lives!!!
Alex is doing wonderful, he just finished another semester at Marist. He is so smart and got straight A's, so that is something to brag about! He also has been busy with his side jobs that he does when he isn't in school. He is excited for Snow season to get here so he can use his snow plow. He can be quite funny at times and then quite a turd as well!!! He loves to rub my little belly and tell me how pretty I look with a bump.
Christmas was really nice, we did the traditional Christmas Eve candle light service, then the luminaries, and home for chips and salsa. Then Christmas morning his family came over and we all opened gifts at our house, and then had a brunch. It was alot of fun and great memories!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun in the family

Hello Everyone,
As I was laying bed last night I realized that it has been about 3 months since I have written about things going on here in our family. Well to rewind back to April, work had been really slow for awhile for me and I was starting to go into my desperate stage and applying to jobs such as Taco Bell, and the jobs that most people don't want. After not hearing back from anyone, doing all that I could do, it got really frustrating, so I decided to fast and pray and let Heavenly Father help me out. It was a miracle, that Sunday evening I got a call from a friend asking if I was interested in a great babysitting position for his client. They had a nanny, but she was leaving on a paid vacation to England and Africa for 2 months so they needed a fill in nanny for the time. It didn't take me long after hearing all of the details, that this was the best job on earth and felt it was an answer to my prayers so I decided to take the job. This family had 8 kids total, 7 of the kids lived there, oldest was a boarding school. I was only in charge of the two youngest kids, ages 7 and 8, the others were older teenagers. These children were the most well behaved children I have ever met. I was known as Mrs. Angel, I never heard a disrespectful comment come out of their mouths. They had the whole world right there in the house, but never acted spoiled. I lived a life full of pure luxury for the time I was there. Everything from the where I stayed, the cars I drove, to what I ate was so great. It was so nice because the kids were still in school so I had the whole day off until 4:00. The family started a little pancake business that has now grown to be very large, and they are so yummy. They were out of town most weekends to their other mansion in Texas spending time with her side of the family, so Alex would come spend time with me and enjoy the luxuries that were much appreciated! I was very sad to leave this job, not only because of what I experienced while I was there, but It meant that I would then be back to reality!!! Well It wasn't so bad when I got back to my little apartment!!!
We celebrated Alex and Ilene's birthdays in June. We had a fun time at a sports restaurant that he picked for his birthday dinner. Then the following weekend the family here went to Ilenes house for her birthday. She usually has a long list of things for Alex to do when we go down. He got everything accomplished that weekend!!! Alex is very blessed to have many talents and to be able to bless others with his hard working skills. We had a big bbq for Ilene's dinner, yummy food!!! We went to her ward on Sunday, then on Monday Alex took me to a fun amusement park that they always went to when he was a child, because they were having a great deal that we couldn't turn down. We had a great evening spending quality time together. Then a couple nights later, I found a stealing deal as I was shopping on evening at the super market. Alex loves to have ice cream, but it's usually to expensive, but It was on sale for $1.89, then on top of that they had a coupon on each ice cream for $2.00 off...so it comes out to be FREE!!! There was a limit of 4 per visit, so I quickly called Alex and told him to come get his four favorites. Who doesn't love FREE Friendly's ice cream!!! We always joke around saying that was our blessing for paying our tithing that weekend. We seem to always find great deals on things or even free if you go to the right place!!! While I am talking about great deals I found as I was looking to have some get away time to spend with family, I found airfare tickets for a ridiculously cheap price to go to Colorado. I had some money saved that I had been waiting use to use so I booked a trip to see family that I hadn't seen in many years, and that trip was fantastic. I had the experience to go to Estes Park, which was beautiful. We went to the favorite restuarants that I loved as a child, and the memories were just great!!!
The weather here has been very hot and HUMID. I spend every moment I have free in the pool that our apartment has right outside our door. It's so convenient and we take advantage of it. We had a little humbling experience the other day, when we realized that the hot water heater that runs our building was broken. I didn't do the dishes for 2 days because I blamed that we didn't have hot water. I took cold showers, then one night I walked into the kitchen to see our largest pots boiling with water. I asked Alex why he had pots on the stove, well they were for the warm baths, and the dishes that he was going to do. I am grateful for a husband that cleans and does dishes so well, without being asked. I didn't realize how much we sometimes take for granted such as a nice hot shower/bath or having constant hot water to do dishes, until we don't have something. I also completed the first novel in my life. I am not a reader, besides scriptures, but I borrowed a love story novel and spent several hours each day just indulging into my books. I didn't realize how sensitive my feelings are I realized I would cry through one chapter, then be laughing out loud through the next. I absolutely loved the series and the love story that is only real in a perfect world. It is usually the same when it comes to movies, I now just ask Alex for a box of tissues instead of popcorn!!!
Well a little spiritual experience that happened this week that I want to share are first I was struggling with some trials and had fasted and prayed to help me overcome or understand why I was struggling with my trial. Well I went to church and after church was over our Bishop came up to me and explained that he felt inspired to ask me to speak next Sunday in Sacrament meeting. I happily agreed and then proceeded to ask what topic he would like to speak on, he answered very quickly with a topic that I was not expecting to hear. Well that topic turned out to be just what i had been struggling with, and had prayed to receive help and guidance with. Alex then turned to me and said, it looks like Heavenly Father heard your prayer!!! Then on Friday, Ilene surprised us and came to town to spend the weekend with us and to listen to my talk. It was such a fun and great weekend!!! We got to spend alot of time together shopping, swimming, talking, and having girl time is always a plus for us!!! Not very many people I know are proud to say that they are as fond or love their mother in law so much, but I can proudly say she is one of my best friends. We love her sooo much and don't know what we would do without her.
Alex has been staying busy with his mowing and moving business. He built a deck for a lady down the street and it turned out beautiful. School is going well, he is a very smart student and gets great grades. I am so proud of him for being able to juggle a busy work schedule, school, church callings, and still find time to do nice things for me, such as be my personal tennis coach!!! I had a desire to learn tennis, and so Alex being very well rounded in all sports taught me Tennis. I am still learning, but getting better!!!
The other day I experienced something I have never been through in my life. I woke up from a nap and noticed that I had lost vision in my left eye. I put my glasses on, and still couldn't see clearly. I started calling eye doctors and nobody had answers of what could be wrong, they all suggested that the E.R. was where I needed to go. I really didn't want to go to the E.R., I knew if would be a long wait, with a nice big bill to follow!!! After not being able to see out of the eye for about an hour, we headed up to the E.R. It was about 9:00 P.M. when we arrived and after doing a urine sample, and cat-scan of the inside of my head, we were out of there at 4:00 A.M. The Doctor said the problem was out of his hands and referred me to an eye specialist. It was a good thing that nothing was found in the cat-scan, but it's frustrating not knowing what is wrong with this blurriness!!! It is getting better though, and I am starting to see a little more clearly, so it's hopefully only a matter of days before it's all better.
It's now the beginning of August, and it's amazing to see how fast time has gone by, this Sunday Alex and I will share our first year anniversary. I thought about how much my life has changed in a years worth of time, the trials that I thought would be impossible to overcome, have made me so much stronger, the wonderful times and memories that I have made with Alex as a married couple, some of the hardest but most satisfying trials, we have learned to now think of as blessings to add to our life. It seems as if the months are only two weeks long and then before we know it we are at the next month. We sure are blessed for all that we have in our lives. Well I think that wraps it up for the past 3 months!!! Take care!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sick, The Deaf, and the Stupid...

First of all I just wanted to start and say It was so neat to see the TCC video, Camille you're a star!!! I wish I could've been there, what a great experience for you all.
Wow well ALOT has happened this month. We went go cart racing for Brian's Birthday, I threw a huge fit to Alex because I wanted to go so bad, he didn't want to spend the money, it was expensive, and he thought we could just as much fun watching them race, but I finally talked him into going. The drive in an hour away and we get up to pay, and and register and they ask for my licence, well I left my purse at home, so I was bummed that I couldn't go, but I did have so much fun watching the other race!!! Then Alex got sick again. It first started with another high fever, then what turned into the worst earache ever given to man! I have never seen Alex express so much pain, he was miserable, I couldn't do anything to help ease the pain. It started at 1 a.m. and finally at 4a.m. I tried dressing him to go to the E.R. but he refused, because we don't have health insurance yet, it's too expensive. So after the long night I couldn't wait for 8a.m. to come, because we were going to his family doctor. After I saw all the blood that was coming out, I was not going to wait around. The doctor told him that he had a hole in his ear drum, and it had ruptured. Well that turned into more pain and then the ear got blocked and he was unable to hear out of the ear. I forgot to mention, he already has bad hearing as it is!!! He really couldn't hear at all. I spent about 3 weeks yelling at him just so he could hear me talk. The doctor said it would last a while, but he would eventually be healed. Well his ear is better now, but he also suffers from lymes disease, which is another painful thing. It usually happens when it is really cold, or really hot, and his joints just freeze up. That causes him to walk like he is handicap, literally!!! It's pretty funny/sad to watch though!
I went up to P.A. and spent a couple of days with Allison and her kids. They are such funny kids!! Grandma, Lexie, and Brenna came to babysit Allisons kids while she and David went on a cruise. I loved spending time with Grandma Mullenaux, we went for a drive to look at the bison, at the game wildlife preserve. It was so much fun. Then we found this store called Ollies, grandma helped me get started on decorating my house, she's has amazing skills by the way! I couldn't have done it without you, and now I am all about trying to make my house look better. Everyone that sees the fun stuff loves it so much!!! I'm so glad I got to spend some time with everyone!!! Allison told me about another store that had inexpensive items, so on my way out of town I stopped by and stocked up on food, I totally hit the jack pot!!!

Another fun event that I loved this month was my birthday. I don't think people make a big deal of them anymore, but for me it's another reason to get to go out to eat and have a party!!! I stretched it out as long as I could a whole 3 days of fun! Alex invited a very good friend of mine Linda to come for dinner. She is this cute little old lady who just loves to talk and hear stories. I love Alex's skills when it comes to cooking and presentation, he is just so talented. I am always so impressed with what he can do with food, and this time he really wow'd me!!! We had cheesecake that Ilene made, and presented so nicely, it was so delicious!!! It was a great birthday weekend!!! Alex's cousins John and Mindy came to visit, we had a huge yummy brunch, then a bbq later on. I think Alex spent most of the day in the kitchen, but we sure enjoyed the good food. There is a picture below that has hand cuffs on the fridge, well that is because one morning I really wanted and couldn't wait until breakfast time to drink the juice, so I found the fridge handcuffed so I couldn't get in. Silly husband!!
Our Bishop has been encouraging the famillies in our ward to get started on gardening. Well I thought it was a great idea, but then realized I don't know a single thing about growing a garden. After a couple of trials, with trying to find a plot of land, I am planting some plants in pots, and hopefully they turn out. If any of you have ideas or any words or wisdom for gardening feel free to pass them on to me. I would really appreciate it actually!!!
And no onto the finale of the stupid... this might shock some of you, because of my feelings towards any living creature. Well I was shopping at WalMart and was walking past the fish, I stopped to take a look and then decided, I want a little fish. After much thought, I bought a small tank and fish I am so happy to have this cute little fish. It's almost as if life can't get better. I walk out to go to my car. I see that my driver mirror is hanging off, the whole driver side is smashed in, scratched up like crazy. I instantly call Alex (who is out of town and can't come to my beckon call.) I am crying hysterically and just so upset, that i can barely explain what happened to the car that I have tried to take such good care of. I call 911 to report the accident that the stupid person hit and ran and didn't even leave a note. While on the phone they start asking me questions, then put me on hold. While I am waiting for the police to come, people are walking by, trying to help, as I just cried like a crazy lady, and thinking of all the horrible things that ran through my head, mostly that It would cost ALOT of money to fix this problem that I didn't even cause!!! So as i am pacing back and forth between cars, I see another car IDENTICAL to mine, but in this car I notice they have the Scriptures in the back. It then hits me, It's MY CAR!!!!! I had been so focused on my newest purchase, and didn't even realize I had passed my car. As you can guess It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life having to explain, that I had mistaken my car for another. I contemplated on telling this story because of how STUPID it makes me look, but it will be a good story to tell later on. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello Everyone!!!

How is everyone doing? How have things been going in everyones lives? We are doing so great, just really busy. Alex has been doing really well in school and has been staying busy with the snow plowing. I have been babysitting alot, and have picked up many more families. I had an interview for a live out nanny position this last week, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience!!! I had talked to her a couple of times on the phone, and she asked to meet me in person. She warned me about a BIG indoor dog they had, but that he was harmless and just wanted to be loved. If anyone knows me, you know that I have the greatest fear of dogs, cats, birds, any animals that might be able to hurt me!!! Anyways, so I arrive to her house and meet her family, and i hear this dog in the back room. She told the little girl not to open the door because Senia didn't want to see the dog yet. Well when you tell a 2 year old NOT to do something, they will DO it!! So as we are talking, out runs a HUGE rotweiler/pitbull dog and almost knocks me down, while stepping on me, and starting to what they call give me kisses. At this point I am ready to leave, not only am I terrified of this dog, but the mom is letting this dog behave this way. As we continue our interview out comes a cat, living with my last nanny I quickly learned that I was allergic to cats. So the mom is trying to get me to hold the cat and just pet the cat, since it like to be around people, and once again just wants to be loved. She goes on to explain her personal family problems and how her family disowned her and blah, blah, blah, totally not appropriate for an interview!!! Then to finish off, she introduces me to the pet SNAKE...... she tells me it's okay don't be scared, he mostly stays in the cage, but you have to watch Addie (2) because she likes to play in his cage and it could get out. She was very specific that she only wanted to pay $8.00 per hour as well, It didn't take me long after that to wrap up the interview and leave!!! So to anyone that reads this, would you take the job??? Well even if you would, she couldn't pay me enough money to take it!!!! I felt bad, but It was probably my WORST experience with childcare yet, and I wanted to write about it to share with you!!

Another big thing that happened not too long ago was this horrible NASTY flu hit Alex and I. I woke up one morning and noticed Alex wasn't next to me, where he usually is. I found him on the couch curled up and he told me he couldn't sleep and was freezing cold, but when I felt him, he was burning up. I knew he had a fever, but then his cell phone rings, and it's his brother in law asking if Alex could come pull him out because he got stuck. Alex wasn't feeling well at all, but him being the helpful person he is, went and helped him out. He came back home and I had to go to work so I left him strict instructions to just rest and not work anymore. It wasn't much later when he got another call from his brother asking if he could him move a treadmill. Once again, Alex goes out and helps his brother. He comes back home and is completely exhausted and left with very little energy. I get home later that evening to find Alex in bed and he does not look good at all...I take his temperture only to find that he is 104.8. I knew Alex was not feeling well at all, so after some medicine and a week later, he feels better. Then I get sick with the same thing Alex had, I didn't handle it so well, I must have taken 5 baths a day, just to cool off, or to get warm. It was not fun at all. But now we are all better, and back to our normal lives!!!

Alex went on his first campout as a leader with the older scouts and had so much fun. It was fun to watch the boys come up to him after Sacrament meeting and tell him how much fun they had and then to talk about the memories that were made. He is a good example to them, and they really look up to him. I stayed home alone for the first time, I got take out and came home to my warm bed and movies to watch for the night!

This past weekend Ilene came down and spent time with us, I always love when she comes in to town, because she makes us delicious food, and we love having her around! Alex loves it because he gets more attention ( what mother doesn't love to laugh hysterically at her sons jokes??!!!) The world would be a better place if there were more people like Ilene around!!! We also went to the temple on Saturday. I always enjoy temple days!!! Another one of the advantages of being married is that you get invited to the Adult parties, I was SO excited to get invited to an adult party. A couple in our ward threw a party and the people that were invited really made it fun. It was a really fun party, playing games, telling stories, and laughing is so nice!!! I felt my cheeks start to hurt as I was leaving from laughing so hard throughout the night!!!

Well that's about it for this email. Nothing too big has happened lately. I hope everyone is doing well!!!


Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been meaning to write down some things about Alex and I and the fun but very different personalities we have. It's also another way to get to know us a little better. Enjoy!!!

Alex is the most organized man I have ever met. I am not organized and am really good at making messes. Alex loves to work hard, I love to play hard. I loose my keys, cellphone, or purse daily, and Alex always knows where to find them. It makes me wonder if he hides them?!!! Alex loves to ride his motorcycles for hours upon hours, I love to go on a 20 minute ride and not a minute longer. I have a habit of not cleaning my side of the room, Alex's side will ALWAYS be spotless. I am very controlling, he is more laid back. Alex gets angry when I dont put things back in their proper place, I laugh hysterically when he tries to get mad at me. I love to SPEND money, Alex loves to SAVE money. Alex will search around for a week to find the best deal in town before purchasing any big item, I buy instantly.
I love to talk on the phone, Alex hates to talk on the phone (mainly because he is partly deaf in on ear, I think!) Alex will NEVER hire anyone to do something that he can do himself, even if it takes him a long time to do it, I will pay someone money just so I don't have to do it. Alex stays up late at night, I go to bed as early as possible. Alex loves to use analogies, I love to make fun of them. (Mainly because they are stupid!) I love to blow money and shop for clothes, shoes, and make up at the mall. Alex loves to purchase tools and supplies to help make more money.
Alex favorite store to spend his money is Home Depot.

Alex's favorite thing on TV is Channel 7 Eyewitness News, he watches it faithfully every night at 11:00 P.M. My Favorite shows are Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Bringing Home Baby, and Pretty Little Liars. Alex's hobbies include: playing baseball, tennis, shooting pool, riding his motorcycles, going fishing, playing ping pong, cooking and grilling, these usually don't happen to often because he works and doesn't have time for the hobbies. Some of my hobbies include: cooking, reading love stories, going to the beach, shopping in China town, attend the temple, playing the piano, and visiting with elderly people. Alex is a worthy priesthood holder and is very strong in the church. I love my calling as a primary worker, and activity day leader. Alex tries to expand his knowledge as much as possible. I like to learn only when it's in my interest. I love to wish and hope for things that I might not ever have, Alex likes to snap me right back into reality!!! Alex has a small family, I have a HUGE family. Alex always gives me compliments, I can't keep up to give enough back to him. We both love to serve others and try to be as happy as possible. This is just a little about us and we hope you enjoyed getting to know us better. As you can see we are VERY different people, but we are crazy about each other and still married. Life isn't always happy go lucky for us, yes we do have to have those " I need to talk moments" every now and then, and yes we even do have to take a walk or ride in the car ALONE so we don't kill each other, and usually end up coming back and apologizing, then back to our normal busy life, but we wouldn't have life any other way. It's so true that opposites attract, because I always tell him that if he were to marry someone just like him, life just would be as fun as it is living with SENIA!!!!

This year is full of SNOW over here on the east coast. Alex loves the snow, or actually he loves the money that comes from plowing. He is so good at everything he does, and everyone loves his work. He is so organized and has everything down to a system. I know it's going to be hard to believe this next line that I am going to write, but I promise you IT'S TRUE!!!! So here it is, I WAS HIS SHOVELER THIS LAST STORM. If any of you want to know what true hard work is, just be a snow shoveler. I worked really hard in the freezing cold weather for many hours. without complaining!!! I am glad I got to help him out and it went by alot faster. I usually go along for the LONG ride and just sit in the truck and let him plow and shovel himself, but today I was feeling helpful! I now am so grateful for him and the hard work he does to make a living for our family. We have had a storm every week this year so far, and its getting to the point where, people are running out of room to put the snow somewhere. But to Alex and I, we feel that we are being blessed with snow and having so much work.

Friday, January 7, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Well Like most people, I took a moment or two to look back on this year. But I kinda went beyond that. It seems as if it were just last summer that I was graduating form beauty school and high school and moving out into the big world. But then I quickly realized that It has been three years since I graduated, I've done a lot the past three years.

I've lived the college life of staying up all hours of the night, then sleeping in all day.

I've been to Florida (Disney World) 2 years in a row. the first year I was there with my nanny family, and met Alex 2 days before, he told me that disney world is where he wanted to go on his honeymoon if he ever got married, and a year later we went there for our honeymoon!!!

I was a nanny in Connecticut for 2 years.

Took care of a diabetic kid...one of the hardest challenges I have been faced with. Counting Carbs on EVERYTHING that enter his mouth, keeping the blood sugar between 90-120, testing blood sugar every 2-3 hours, dealing with crazy mood swings.

I spent almost everyday of the summer playing at the beach, or on a boat in the lake behind our house. Kayaking, cannoning, tubing, and I tried to learn to water ski but didn't succeed!!!

I over came my fear of eating sea food.

I turned the BIG 21!!!!!

I rode on the back of Alex's motorcycles all summer long.

Alex proposed on Easter Sunday at the waterfalls in P.A.

I've gone to see the Broadway show Wicked in NYC twice.

Learned how to cook and present healthy delicious meals from scratch.

I cooked my own meal at a very expensive restaurant when I offered to take Alex on a date and conveintlly left my wallet at home. (The Melting Pot)

I am really proud to say that I have maintained my 106 pounds that I have been since I was 16 years old.

I have hiked to the top of Bear Mountain.

Successfully Potty Trained a 2 year old with very little help.

I planned the wedding/reception of my dreams.

I've blown money to be pampered in a Salon to my hearts desire.

Spent hours sitting on the dirty streets of NYC to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

This is the year that Alex and I got married and sealed as an eternal family!!!

These are just a few of the great things that I have accomplished in my life over the past three years. I feel so blessed with the events that have entered in my life, I have done some very hard things in my life and wanted to quit at times, but I am so grateful for the people in my life that kept pushing me to keep going, and the great support I have always had. I know I will continue to have hard things thrown at me, but I believe that the trials I have overcome in the past, have prepared me for future experiences to come. I continue to thank my heavenly father for all that he has blessed me with, I have so much to be grateful for. I am really happy to see all of the things I have accomplished and to see how much I grew as a person over the past years.

This last Christmas was so special I loved spending my First Christmas with Alex. We had so much fun getting ready for the holidays, and we were ready for Christmas to come!! We started the night off with a tradition that Alex and his mom have been doing for a long time, which was going to the Christmas service down at a little old church, afterwards we went to see the luminaries in a neighborhood that lined the streets. They were absolutely beautiful, we finished the night with my favorite tradition that was part of my family and that was eating chips and Salsa from Maya Cafe (our version of La Casita,) while getting to open one gift, which where our pajamas. Alex stayed up to make his famous to die for Spinach and Artichoke dip, and clean the house, while I went to bed, but Right before I was going to bed I remembered I needed to leave some cookies and milk for Santa, well I didn't have any cookies to leave for Santa this year, so he got spoiled and I had made some banana bread earlier, so he got a slice of fresh baked banana bread, nuts, and Egg Nog. But Santa did leave a little note I have to share it with you because It was so cute. HO HO HO, Thanks for the treats. That was very nice. I was not going to stop here since Mr. Smith has two houses, and you can't fool Santa, No one gets double the gifts (unless its foggy outside and you are a reindeer, ho ho ho. I saw a young man doing the late night cooking and cleaning, so I came back to visit. Merry Christmas+ Happy New Year. Take care of that great young guy. Also nice wedding pictures. Don't tell Mrs. Clause, but the young lady is smoking hot, (like my rear, after going down the chimney) Thanks again, Santa 2010

I am so glad that the magic of Christmas is still in my heart. The thing that made this Christmas so special was all the service that we gave to others, and how much love and greatly appreciated gifts we received from others. We felt so greatly blessed this season. Thank you so much to all of those who sent Christmas Cards and gifts. Well on to THE BIG STORM, one of Alexs many talents includes Snow Plowing. He has always been such a hard worker ever since he was little. He told me that when he was about 12 years old and they would have a Snow Day
and cancel school, he would walk around the neighborhoods with a big shovel on his back and knock on peoples doors and offer to shovel their driveways, to make a little extra money, most people already had a plow guy that did the service for them. So when he got old enough to drive he started his own plowing and through the years he has built his little business and now has over 40 driveways that he plows. The last storm we had was HUGE, he was out plowing for many hours around 30 with limited breaks. I went along for some of it and just sat in the truck and slept because i'm still scared to stay alone in our place. I am so proud of him and thankful for the things he does to provide a living for our family. New Years eve was quiet for us this year. I had to babysit that night so Alex joined me, he fell asleep at 8:00 along with the baby, I watched the ball drop on TV, then as soon as the parents got home I got really sick, and started throwing up. It was really embarrassing, but luckily I made it to the toilet!!! That wasn't what I was hoping for to start the New Year sick, but I'm better now!!! Well that is about all the fun things that have been going on around here.

Congrats Grandma and Grandpa Christensen on buying the house in Thatcher!!! I hope everyone is doing great, I know everyone is so busy with everyday lives, but thank you to those that take time out of your day to send a quick email or call, I really appreciate it alot!! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New Years!!! I love you all!!!
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